Do you argee with this saying below? and do you need to delite all photos of your ex to remove them from your mind?

Sexually, you don't as its for a lifetime. Its for that reason why most people try to fill the void by friends with benefits, and one nigh stands. So it is entirely up to that person to want to let go, and how they are able to move on. Not a lot of people can move on. It is your choice to let go. If you want to, then just do it. If not, then it will last until your ready to let go. It took my friends a while on their relationships, as I only have about 2 that is in relationships, one that is married. This is from someone who repied back to a question of mine so i wanna see what other thing qbout it. So argee or disargee? i also do still have photos of my ex locked in a app that's no longer on my phone and i haven't looked at in months. But she still effects me just not 247 but when she does effect me it feels bad.


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  • I try to stay friends with serious ex's.

    • Tried but failed

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    • I don't know if it will prevent me from moving om since we never tried but life is life. We can't ever wait om the unknown

    • very true.

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  • Yes you should

    • So even through i don't look at them anymore at all i should delite them? they are lock away in a keep safe app i dont use so just gotta find the app.

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