Why does my ex boyfriend always staring at me when he sees me?

I have caught him staring at me even when his girlfriend or by himself. I know this because when i look he always stares at me and then give me a fake wave but I just ignore him? Why do he do this? He hurt me.


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  • I'm gonna try and be as gentle as possible, because I've been there and I know it sucks big time. You're not over him and you're still holding onto hope that you'll get back together. I've no idea why'd you break up but you'd said that he'd hurt you and that's just bad because if you love someone then you won't hurt them. Life sucks ass after a break up, especially if you were together for a long time and you cared about this guy. You can't stop thinking about him and there's a huge hole inside of you that just won't stop hurting. Guess what? You've fallen for him, now it's time to get up from the ground. It's not easy, but take it one day at a time. Cry your eyes out for a few days, listen to sad songs, maybe write a poem or two- anything just to get it out of your system. Then start living your life again- get involved in a project, pile yourself up with work- just keep busy and distracted. Life is going to suck ass for a little while and it's gonna be painful, but guess what? You'll get through it. And sometime, someday, you'll wake up and you'll feel okay again. And you'll be thinking how silly you were back then because you thought you couldn't get over him.

    • Why does he keep staring at me though?

    • He could be thinking about you, but there's no guarantee. Only he knows why he's staring.

  • Really no telling why... depends on the circumstances of the breakup. He could just be being friendly, doesn't want any bad blood between you two...


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