She left on October 15, 2015?

Tomorrow you left a year ago
And I swore to not even care
This moving on is taking so slow
And I guess I'm aware
That maybe there could be
Someone else out there
Better for me
But even the bus that
stops every 15 minutes
can't compare
To what you are.
You left me a hole
but from afar
left you on a pedestal
Cared too much
and I showed it all
I watched you cry
when you lost your guy
But who was I
when I did you a favor
that became something vain
This bad tasting flavor
left me with rain
And a song that
won't change a thing.


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  • God Ralph you got to let go of our relationship Jesus.

    • You're delusional

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    • No she does not so stop lying.

    • The only lying I do is when Im lying down and thinking about you, baby

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  • betas gonna betas


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