So I need some help?

My boyfriend was acting weird when I touched his phone, actually yelled at me to give it back.
Here's some background before I get called crazy.. We have a child and I'm pregnant so we're definitely serious enough to not need that much privacy like come on! I can't touch your phone? Red flag we've been together for two years and he's never acted like that, so yeah I took it upon myself to do something I normal don't do and I snooped. Went to his Google activity and it said he used his phone at 3 & 5 am, he works mid night's by the way also said he used his messaging at 7 am. He gets home around 7:30 am. So anyways I peeped his call log and texts. Nothing! And his GPS was off has been for the past two days actually, he claims he hasn't left work once. So he wakes up and I'm obviously snappy. He's all like what's wrong? I explain I seen he was using his phone and asked who he was talking to he said his dad so I said why is their no message he then admitted he deleted calls and texts because he didn't want me upset? He said his friend texted him he was going on break & didn't want me to think he was leaving work? Should I trust he isn't hiding another woman? I don't wanna keep typing so much but why delete? Help me? He already deleted and lied about his dad so I'm lost.


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  • if your lsot he is even more lost. there is more going on but im not one for making assumptions like your saying. but i would make sure i was tested if i was you because if there is something going on he might get something ajax can't take off. and then give it to you and the kids.

    but dont be assuming anything but i would keep the red flags up because this sounds like something i would have done in my younger years. but lucky for me i never wanted to or had an opertunity to. but i can say it would have happened im sure if given the chance.

    im to damn old for that shit now but your husband /boy friend isn't

    • Actually he shouldn't have to deleted a text from a guy friend saying he's going on break, I also took advantage that he woke up after 4 hours of sleep and questioning him right away while he was too tired to think of lies and sure enough the story did not add up. I said why did he text you if he works with you? He said I don't know I thought it was weird too, also he doesn't have this guys number saved so I said if you didn't have the number saved in your phone how did you know he was the one that texted he said because be came to me and said hey I texted you I'm going on break? Lol

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    • Yeah but even cheaters sometimes don't catch STDs so even if I'm clean he could still be doing something, thanks for the advise!

    • your welcome and i hope things work out for you. i hate to see familys get destroyed by junk like that.

  • Sounds pretty suspicious and you guys clearly have stuff to work out

    • Definitely, but I can't without proof because he's not going to speak up unless he's caught just like today perfect example so what should we do?

    • Can't say im out of my depth. My normal advice would be to ditch him if you're already this suspicious but since you have kids together I'd really hope you can work it out

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