Why is my ex saying this now?

So I got a call from my ex of 10 months. We have a daughter together, and he was never really there for her since our break up. We had a big fight back in April and he never came around or called since then. I just left him alone. Then last week I got a call from the child support place and they wanted his information on where he lives and place of employment. I texted him telling him about that and he was ok with it. He wanted to come by since he doesn't live in town anymore or he wanted me to take the papers to him. I agreed to take the papers to him and I just wanted to put all the bs aside for our daughter's sake. Then today I sent him some pics of our daughter, and he textsd me saying he was going to come by and visit then he called. We were talking and then out of nowhere he said he's having a hard time and he doesn't like the place he's at. He has a girlfriend who he got pregnant after just a couple of months of dating. He apologized for everything he ever did to me and he kept saying I wish I was closer or how he wish he was still in town to visit our daughter. He kept mentioning how he doesn't like the way his life turned out. I just told him that it was his business and not mine and that he just needs to be there for our daughter now. He then said when we go over to see him that he wanted to go shopping and then go take us to eat at a nice place. So I'm just wondering what that's all about? He never mentioned his girlfriend or that he's having another kid. He just kept saying how he doesn't like it there.
Why is my ex saying this now?
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