My ex is confusing me so much with his messages. Help?

Hi everyone! Took all the advice and went NC and have really spent a lot of time working on me and enjoying university. Things are getting better! I'm finally happy! The last time me and the ex spoke about the relationship he was saying it's hard for him and me saying I had feelings doesn't make it easier. He's focusing on religion now and I asked if we'd get a second chance and he said "I can't predict the future but wouldn't think so" he wants to be "friends" Anyway, that was last month, start of this month he's been texting me every week! And talking about memories and the past, inside jokes we had. Asking me a lot of questions about what I'm doing etc. Told him I'd dyed my hair and he asked to see it. As far as I know he still has a photo of us up in his bedroom. Like as soon as I've left him alone he's messaging me and has told so many people he doesn't want/isn't ready to be with another girl. I don't tend to reply because it sets me moving on back. Could someone give me an insight into this behaviour because to me it's really weird.


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  • just try to talk to him clearly what you what from him


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