How did your past negative relationships/Encounters falling for people change you as a person?

Just wondering how your past negative relationships/dating/seeing people encounters changed you as a person? What happened? Did you learn from the experience? Did you take a break from the dating scene afterwards? How did you get over it? Did you become colder to others further down the line or did you pretty much stay the same? What situation are you in now?

Any replies appreciated


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  • I think past experiences can define a person in a good way or bad way, depending on how the individual responds and reacts to their past experiences

    Failed relationships haven't made me become guarded or less trusting. I don't judge any other guy based on an ex's behaviour , and I don't judge potential relationship with other guys based on my past relationships

    Failed relationships have made me wiser , because even though they didn't bring me what I did want. They taught me exactly what I don't want

    • Thanks for your response @Razzle-Dazzle, this made me feel better about how I feel right now

    • You're welcome

      Good to know it's helped you feel positive 👍

  • It changed me for the best


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