How soon after a break up do you get involved with someone else?

How soon after a break up do you start talking to, or having sex with someone else?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It depends how long the relationship was and how attached you were. If you were really invested, it's good to wait a month or two and concentrate on finding yourself again, if you weren't that invested, maybe a few weeks, if you weren't invested at all, pretty much as soon as you want. But you have to give yourself time to process and get over this relationship before diving into another one.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It depends on how deeply I loved her. It is difficult to put a timeline on it as it took me around four years to mentally, emotionally and financially to recover to a healthy state from my last relationship. A lot of it was due to with how she used my trust in her to trick me to end up with most of the money from the sale of our house. Only 29 payments left on that dead horse and it is paid off. I do not want to bring any part of that time in my life into a new relationship and I know women really do not want to hear about it.

    People today jump from relationship to relationship so fast that they do not heal from how ending a relationship damages our minds and souls. And people wonder why relationships don't last. Reading hundreds of posts here is proof of it.


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  • I think that is an individual thing personally. You have to look at the relationship that just broke apart, how in depth was it? Was it bitter, was there hurt, and if so, might take a little longer for someone to get back in the game

  • Days-Weeks but not under my control - they find me when unattached, I'm not shopping

  • It depends, if my heart still have him it will take long. very hard to say lor. I never broke up with my boyfriend actually


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