My now 'ex' boyfriend liked this girls picture turns out thats his ex, he never liked her pictures for a while 2years until now, she then made a post saying 'when he comes back into your life saying he's a changed man' which made me think as my ex boyfriend said he used to be a player. It made me think is he trying to get with her? Last week I posted a photo with me and another guy and said it was my man but i was joking i then said it was a stripper. Why would he cheat on me when he asked me to marry him 5 months ago?


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  • He sounds like a piece of shit tbh. Dude if he was asking you to marry him 5 months ago and was pulling that stunt then he is still a boy and not a man. Men don't fluctuate through their emotions like that. They also don't cheat. Cheating is almost always stemmed from insecurity. By your description, he sounds insecure.

    My suggestion would be to move on. Don't play into his games or get into this drama/ego driven battle. It's a waste of energy and effort. It also shows a lack of self respect. If you respect yourself in anyway, then you'll realize that he is actually a detriment to your life and emotional well being. Go no contact and cut him lose. Move past the emotional barrier that follows this without making contact with him in an attempt of validation.

    When I was in the military, my girl cheated on me while I was away. I finally got it out of her and I dumped her. She was one of those hot girls that was absolutely nuts at times lol. She was bipolar and didn't know how to communicate. She begged for me back when she ran into me in person. Tried to contact me via social media and everything.

    She is probably going to be miserable for a long time tbh. She doesn't have the emotional maturity to be in a committed relationship and I'm sure she is just get pumped and dumped left and right. No guy wants to commit to a girl like that. Insecure AF.

    Move on boyo. Why would you waste your time with someone who blatantly disrespects you when you could be with someone who really digs you and treats you better. Logic.


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  • People in love are still capable of cheating. They cheat because they lack willpower , and have no self-control over their desires and emotions. He cheated because he's weak. Once someone cheats on you then cheating will always be their potential


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  • Just lol at you picking a player to be your boyfriend in the first place. Better get tested, you don't know where his dick has been sticking into.

    • He said he changed to me

  • Social media *rolls eyes*

  • Oh, come on. Like you've never heard the saying that a leopard don't change it's spots, or any of the other dozen sayings that mean the same thing.

    You knew he was a player, you know players lie. Why you actin' all surprised now?

    • Because I actually believed he would change

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  • Mabe he didn't cheat on you, I mean are you sure?

    • He got in contact with isex and he never liked her photo in 2 years now all of a sudden he's liking her photo?

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    • but after he asked me o marry him he then asked if it was alright to sleep with other people while being together? so that doesn't make sense. He's unpredictable, the kind of guy that is still in contact with his exs and liking their photos doesn't seem like that's serious to me. So I can't take the marriage proposal seriously

    • Yes I think you are right besides he can't be with you and sleep with other girls this is so not normal I think you should move on.

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