Will we get back together or is he really done with me?

My boyfriend and i had been together for a little over a year. We were best friends and had such a strong connection and could confide in each other for everything. He was so affectionate and often talked about our future together.
About four months ago i began to feel a shift in his personality that he said was due to his depression and continued to be loving towards me and still spent most of our time together. Two months later he broke up with me through a text saying he wants to be alone to work on himself and he never gets a chance to miss me. Of course i pleased with him and the next day he agreed we should get back together. The next few months he was very back and forth between affectionate and distant.
Things seemed to be settling back down to a good place then when i called him to ask about that night's plans he broke up with me again and very adament this time. He stated he can't give me the time i deserve for a relationship right now and he needs to be alone. I immediately began no contact and a week letter he texted me asking how i was and that he hadn't messaged sooner because he didn't want to hurt me further. I said i had been good (even though i'm miserable) and he said he didn't know where to go from there. The next night on social media i saw he was hanging out with a girl i had questioned him about during our relationship. I asked him and he said it meant nothing. No contact since and it has been two weeks since the break up and a week since contact.
Long story short i truly love this man and i want nothing more than to have him back in my life but i feel that he is doing completely fine and just happy to be rid of me. He is posting quite excessively on social media and he seems so happy. I just need some advice wether to keep hoping he still cares about me and eventually comes to his senses or that the relationship is dead. Please help 😓
Will we get back together or is he really done with me?
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