Why is she talking shit on Facebook about me what's the reason?

OK so on October 9th this month I ran into my ex with his new girlfriend. Her and I almost had a fight thanks to my ex for setting me up. So anyway then today she writes a bunch of shit on her Facebook about me and his baby mother. She's very hateful toward my ex baby mother and me. She even bragged about running up in my face and trying to fight me.

Moving on today is October 14th why is she soooo mad? She lives with him and she has him he's my ex so why is she worried about ME? Why is she worried about his baby mama? Is she mad because I'm also now pregnant by him? ( I got pregnant by him while they were on a break and I didn't know this as he claimed to be single ) I don't contact my ex and feel as if he doesn't exist.


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  • Probably because he already cheated on her with you and maybe his baby momma too


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  • You block them and don't worry about it. If they see that you cannot see their crap, they will stop,


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