How do I face him at the same party after he ghosted me and left me hurt? I choose most helpful?

I've been talking with this guy for 4 months and everything started amazing between us. He introduced me to his family, friends, and we hung out every weekend acting all coupley and touchy. He gets jealous when other boys hit on me claiming Im his, and sometimes calls me for no reasons. But during the 4th month things began to fade. Daily texts turned into weekly. Phone calls siezed to exist. He would answer after hours, and we stopped having long conversations. Before I knew it, he was only texting me late during weekends asking useless questions like where I was, and we stopped hanging out. I began questioning myself. what had I done wrong? My confidence dropped to zero and I felt myself like crap. Maybe he thought I wasn't interested? So I finally decide to ask him out. And I did. He said yes. We decided to go to a bar together with some friends. But he never showed up. He told me his friend who was over (no idea what his friend had to do with this since we agreed on going together) didn't feel like going at around midnight. I was already there and simply replied "ok". I resumed to party with the others but was extremely hurt. He texted at 1 am asking how the party was going but I didn't answer. At 3 am he called me. I picked up and he asked me about my night, if I drank too much, and if I wanted a ride home; but I was so cold to him on the phone. After the call he texted me asking if I was home. I also didn't reply. Its been a week since. Funny thing is he never tried to appologize or postpone the date and it was obvious I was just sad. Tomorrow his friends invited me and my girl friends to a party and he's going to be there. How do I act with a guy whos ghosted me and left me hurt?
How do I face him at the same party after he ghosted me and left me hurt? I choose most helpful?
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