Ex says he is seeing someone new?

we dated for 4 months but I noticed he was different from the guys I dated so since the beginning I sensed he like me more then I did and he wanted to go out with me long before I finally accepted to go...

anyways 3 weeks ago I broke it off because I felt we were too different.. and he understood and he accepted it..but then I started to miss him two weeks after and I started contact with him asking him for advice etc..and then I asked him for forgiveness and he accept my apology and texted him SAYING "BABY YOU FORGIVE ME RIGHT CAUSE IF YOU DO I'M GONNA GIVE YOU THOSE KISSES THAT YOU LIKE 'xo" like I always did when we were seeing each other before the break-up...AND HE FORGAVE ME.

then 2days later after work I texted him how his day was and how I owed him some make up kisses,and he didn't respond..so I text an hour later saying "hey are you still upset over the whole break up stuff I thought you forgiven me..cause it seems like your still hurt.

and then after that text he quickly responds saying "no I'm not mad at all I just seeing someone new now" well its not that serious yet but you never know" !

WTF? why was he acting like that and then two days after we got back together? and then we started fighting..whats his deal?


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  • well you broke up with him. some guys just feel disrespected and unwanted after someone they care about dumps them. if you liked him, then you shouldn't have broken up. simple as that.

    just because he said he forgives you doesn't mean his emotion just suddenly disappear and he forgets that you dumped him in the first place.

    • Do you think he just said he was seeing someone else out of anger? and hurt? after two days of us making up?

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  • To be blunt, it sounds like he's more interested in this new girl than you right now. He might not be ok with this back and forth indecisiveness that you've shown him so he's trying someone new.

    When he says "well its not that serious yet but you never know", he's trying to give you a little hope because he probably wants to use you as a backup if things don't work out with this girl he's seeing.

    • He kept staring at me at work and after we got back together he seemed jeolous since guys always stare at me at work 24 seven..at work so when he told me he was seeing someone new I told him...well that's fine now I won't feel as guilty if I go to dinner tommorrow nite with this guys that's been bugging me for a date..and then he called in sick the next day (we both work together)...did it bother him?

    • It may have bothered him. It sounds like he wants to have his cake and eat it too.

      As far as this other guy, if you don't want to go out with him, don't go out with him. Just tell him no, there are few things more insulting to a guy than a girl who accepts a date but doesn't actually like us.

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