Your ex meets you but has been engaged to someone else that family chose. He has moved on then why does he meet his ex?


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  • Sorry hear it dear but I suggest you to drop him as he is your ex now. Look for new guy. By the way are u muslim?


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  • I'd assume he needed closure. Sometimes after a breakup some people need closure.. if it ended on bad terms ,, or if they have unansweed questions. Even though they've moved on with someone new they still need closure , so they can let go of the past. It doesn't necessarily mean he still in love with you

    I guess you'd never know for sure unless you meet up with him. Personally I'd never meet up with an ex. I just cut all means of contact and move on

    • His met his ex his getting her to pay for meals as she use to he is using her for attention when his wife isn't I think

    • People only use you if you allow them to use you. We all set our set own standards for how others treat us. Maybe they are using each other

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