Did my boyfriend feel like he made a mistake by leaving me?

I thought he was perfect, an angel, thought he would never hurt me, I thanked God for him as I would fall asleep. I was his first girlfriend, he is super Christian, saving himself till marriage, we were good to each other, I couldn't find a flaw in him. He treated me like a Queen, he never said anything negative or hurtful to me, always said positive, loving, caring, encouraging, just liked to keep me positive. Whenever I was sad, he would tell me to smile, because a face as gorgeous as mine should always be smiling. A week ago I pointed out that on the 17th would be our 10 month anniversary, and I didn't hear from him till the next day at 3am, he said "Sorry I was 'kidnapped' hope you're well" I texted back jokingly "Were you at a strip club?" No response, so I texted back "I really hope you're okay and I'm praying for you" he texted 2 days later "I'm fine don't worry" I just said "I was really worried about you" he said "I'm fine don't worry. Everything is okay" He hasn't done that before, just disappear like that, if we're not together then we're constantly texting and he said he likes keeping tabs and I never bothered him no matter what the situation is. I sent him only 3 texts in those 5 days. I decided to call him to see if was fine since I heard no explanation about his absence, he answered saying "Hey I'm not home we'll talk later" so I hung up without saying anything, I was shocked to hear from him. He sent 3 texts saying "Nevermind. Have a good night. Have a great life" I frantically began calling him 12 times till he finally picked up he said "No, you don't want to talk so I'm going out out bye" and hung up. I kept calling 8 more times because this wasn't like him, he never spoke to me that way or acted that way. He texted, "I'm out with my mom by the way stop calling your interrupting." I sent 20 messages asking for forgiveness then I left him alone. 2 days later he sent a picture on Skype of his wall at 6am and looked at my stories on Snapchat but no message.
Forgot to mention when he was saying he was fine don't worry he said his phone was acting up, and he looked at my snapchat stories before the fight and after the fight. My family and friends are shocked by his behavior. Even saying this isn't like him and it's like he had an evil twin. My family thinks he met another girl and tried break it off with me.


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  • He's not coming back so get over it and move on

    • Yep, you were right. I don't know how but you were right

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  • honestly his behavior is really bad and not ok. He might have been good to you before but that doesn't justify his bad actions later. Whatever his reason of acting up like that, it's really immature. You deserve someone better so don't downgrade ysf further more. It's ok to seak closure, but I suggest to not get back w him... you can demand from him an explanation, but know noone should treat you like that

    • Would you have an idea why he sent me a picture of his wall 2 days after he told me "have a nice life" on Skype at 6 am and look at my story on Snapchat as well?

    • who know? I mean it will drive you insane trying to figure out that kind of little things someon does. I wouldn't give much importance to it. If you get thechance to meet up w him and sort things out or to seak clouser it's best to ask him directly. Otherwise that kind of behavior only toys with your emotions and don't let that.

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