Is yelling once in a great while when mad in a relationship normal?

I yelled at my girlfriend of 11 months during a little fight that escalated. She started jumping all over for insignificant stuff and I tried to defend myself. Then she dumped me. I really regretted my actions and apologized. But it did not matter. I never want to yell at a girlfriend again, but I was wondering how normal is it for someone to yell at their girlfriend once in a great while when they are hurt or mad?


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  • Sure I guess me and my boyfriend have thrown punches we're both violent don't be like us. Just tell her you're sorry you over reacted or something man we scream like crazy i wouldn't be mad over that do I don't know what she wants to hear good luck


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  • I think it's pretty normal to happen once in 11 months. Your ex had a low tolerance for conflict and she bailed. That's her right.

    • You're right. I tried apologizing several times. Wish she would have given me a little more of a chance after I expressed so much regret and remorse. It sucks that we were in love with each other and one night killed it.

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    • If you haven't talked in 6 weeks over the argument move on, it's not your fault she's obviously over sensitive you don't need to put in more time to just have another fight down the road and her to take off again if she's thinking a relationship won't have a good yell here and there she's nuts. Let her go.. You're not wrong for voicing your mind upset a little loud one time in almost a year!

    • @layla1234 We work together so I still see her often. We have kept talk at a minimum and it's focused on professional stuff only. Looking at her sometimes is like getting my heart broken all over again. When she was breaking up with me, while she was having PMDD symptoms, I told her we probably shouldn't talk anymore because I need to protect myself from being hurt more. She has respected that and/or has had no interest in reaching out.

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