He wants to continue cheating on his girlfriend with me.

I was having sex with this guy who had a girlfriend. it was the best sex in my life and our sexual chemistry was incredible to say the least but his girlfriend found out and so me and the guy stopped talking ... until ... he called me again one day saying how great of a time we had together and how he wants to meet again just for a sexual relationship and he's been calling daily since. I want it as much as he does but he tells me that he's confused that he wants to have sex with me because it was the best sex he's ever had but that he feels like he may feel guilty after we do it because of his girlfriend, I want him so bad and the sex was the greatest but I'm confused with him because I'm afraid he'll regret it or feel guilty again then I think hell stop calling me for a while then hell just call me when he wants sex again, which I don't really mind because I only want sex from him too.


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What Guys Said 1

  • all he wants is sex. and if he doesn't get it from you he will form somone else. either way he's a jackass for cheating on his girlfriend and you should be ashamed for letting him cheat on her with you because you want sex. that's wrong in so many ways.


What Girls Said 1

  • The central issue here is that he is involved with someone and he has elected to stay with her. I understand that you and he mutually desire an intimate relationship/ However, there is someone else in the picture- his girlfriend and this is completely unfair to her. I think the best option is to look for a guy who has the same relationship goals as you but make sure he is single. This ensures that no one gets hurt.

    If you continue with this "relationship," I think it will cause you more stress that physical satisfaction.


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