Do you think he will come back for me, or move on?

My boyfriend of a year and 2 months said he wants to take a break from the relationship. He still texts me everyday and he still wants to hangout and we have a trip to Mexico planned for February. He said he is not happy and he said he needs to make himself happy so he can make me happy. He was really upset that he was hurting me. I saw him cry for the first time ever. He said he sees himself marrying me in the future. Is this a normal feeling for a guy? And do you think he will come back to me?


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  • He's full of shit and the tears were fake. "Break" is a breakup that makes the dumb woman think it's only for a short time and he'll be back. The reality is he strings her along so he can use her as a backup plan when he can't find someone else or when he's horny and can't find someone else that will fuck him. He has no intention of ever coming back. Don't be stupid and wait around for this lying piece of shit. It's over permanently and completely and you will not remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it. Get over it and him and get on with your life


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  • Even he needs time off, I'm sure he has a solid reason as to why. Without asking too much, you can still ask him what he needs this time off for. When he can make you look at things from his perspective and understand them, I'm sure it'll help you calm down and also help him get some things off his chest.
    It sounds too vague when he says he needs to "make himself happy". If you've been together that long, communication should never be any issue - even if it's a break


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  • Sounds like he just wants to sort himself out


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