Exboyfriend wants to start gaming next week?

Me and my exboyfriend got into a really ugly break up
We are on a long distance relationship for 7months and wanted to close the gap within 6months-year.
He keeps saying that we argued about nothing and he was getting sick of it since it was getting worse.
He broke up with me exacly last week and he kept asking to be friends at first which i rejected because i felt hurt.
Yesterday i've tried to talk to him one more time if he still wants to be friends.
At first he replied he wasn't sure because of the ugly break up.
- Note: i got angry, upset, i've cried a lot, i kinda looked desprated towards him -

I've said sorry and wish he could look from my side for once.
He changed his mind after my apologize and wants to start gaming next week again with me.

Thing is, i'm not sure what i can expect or what i can do or talk about..
For now i don't want him as my boyfriend since we both are really hurt from the breakup.
Exboyfriend wants to start gaming next week?
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