Have you ever been indecisive about a girl you really like?

Or is indecision a sign of you not caring enough?
He moved from USA to UK to be with me, we hardly knew each other. He sold his car to stay with me. He;s never been verbal with his affection, but I feel like he made a lot of sacrifices to be//stay with me.
His visa ran out and he went home, we were going to meet and travel after about 6 weeks apart, but when he got home he broke up with me.
He is really confused about his life... comparing himself to all of his friends who have careers and structure and it has made him really unhappy. He was so happy when I met him, working as a diver. Now he's lost. A couple of weeks ago he changed his mind and said that he did want to travel with me and started getting all excited about what would do. Then he freaked out again. Now he's hardly communicating with me. He said "he can't help his feelings and sometimes things just don't work out".
I feel like he's lost & confused and a future with me is scary because it means one of us has to give up our life to move to be with the other.


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  • You are asking this guy to give up a huge piece of his life to be with you. I think he is struggling with wanting to be with you and the reality of issues the distance between you creates.

    How about you selling your stuff and moving over to the US to be with him?

    • Well, I actually got sick about 6m into the relationship, so we were stuck in the UK while I had medical treatment. The idea was to end up in US with him next summer. I mean, we hadn't specifically discussed anything that far forward, but that was my plan. The problem is I can't really get work in the US due to the visa restrictions!

  • Never...


What Girls Said 1

  • Nope not so far


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