Did he tried to make me jealous/hurt me through my" friend"?

So I met this assh*** two months ago and he is a junkie, we dated for a week and he tried to rush things to make me go live with him. I thought it was too soon to go living with a guy I barely knew and I refused and after that he ran away from me saying that we would not work together, because he talked to some friends that gave them the advice to break up with me lol... After that I tried to talk to him and he was quite aggressive saying I am worthless and I will die alone among many offensive things without having any reason to treat me like that. So I decided to block him everywhere. After a month with no contact I got a message from him once again offending me and saying that he knew I said to that "friend" of mine that he just wanted to have sex with me, (which was actually true), and once I would die alone, that I am worthless and not interesting. Of course I didn't reply because I thought it was the best thing to do. After a month for my surprise he started to hang out with this friend of mine, and I knew about that and really wanted to slap him on the face but I kept my silence and never said nothing until now, and probably never will. I just wanted to understand if he possibly started to hang out with her yo provoke me or to hurt me some way... PS. Their "date" only last a month or less

Did he tried to make me jealous/hurt me through my" friend"?
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