If you don't want to be with me cut all ties right?

Got into an altercation with an ex. They repeatedly tried to physically hit me while I tried to walk away. I never hit back, a friend of mine tried to stop it. They are driving a car that I pay for even though it was a gift for them. No one should tolerate abuse, I could have pressed charges. I can easily report it stolen or have the finance people to pick it up for sure. The thing is they were so mad and became violent over a misunderstanding. I am not mad and tried contacting them but nothing so far its been 4 days since it happened
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  • Good god, get away from this guy. The fact that it was a misunderstanding makes it even worse. Or does it? I'm not sure... maybe it just can't be worse. The only issue I see is that car. Get the car picked up, cut ties with him forever and stay far, far away. I've never heard of physical altercations being a one-time thing so even if he's never done this before (and I'd be skeptical about that), then he'll assuredly do it again.

  • I hit the wrong answer.. screen shifted while I answered.
    *** here's the car back..

    • I'm thinking if that was the case then why wait? If they dislike me and all these other things, you would think that when you are truly over and done with something end it quickly.

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