Back and fourth with ex, feelings still present and possibility for us ever again?

We broke up in April and had slept together a few times. Obviously I still think there is something between us. I have always wanted since the bu to tell him how it felt when we broke up and how I think we should try again and my feelings. The bu was not bad but not expected because we were happy and everyone was shocked. it was partly due to stress of him not having a job and then he was not feeling whta he thought he should at the point in our relationship. Well anyway he has said to me that we shouldn't have sex anymore bc it wasn't fair to us. We fell right back into it a few times and each time he has said the same thing us stay freinds and nothing else. It never really works all the times i always stay but there hasn't been much cuddling or loving stuff as there was in the relationship until last night when we cuddled a lot and he actually held me and we fell asleep in each others arms and he kissed me on my back etc. It was very loving something he hasn't done for awhile. Talked about family and some other stuff. Could there still be feelings there since it seems to be the going back and forth? he is the one who says for us to stop. I try not talking to him but then we wind up talking again etc. I think there is unfinished stuff here and still a great possibility for us. Does that sound dumb, and is it dumb to tell him what i have been feeling? Im just waiting to see if he texts me saying the same things. It is just confusing.


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  • Can I ask you something


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  • still feelings but a relationship probably won't work. that's how it went with my ex. he was blowing me off and ghosting me, now I have a new boyfriend. my ex texted for us to hang out. I was on the fence but eventually gave in (yes cheated on my new bf). I stayed over and we had so much fun bc there wasn't so much pressure. he didn't care my phone was going off, I didn't care about his. we had great sex without all the jealously and expectations. it was spontaneous. he cuddled me again, it was just so cool. I now agree that we're better being "cool" with each other. and if I get mad at my man I always have a place to go and make love. I kno we both have feelings for each other that's why we still sleep together, but it's just better this way

    • Yeah, Im glad yours worked out in a way you are ok with. I dont want to say the relationship wouldn't work if we got back together because id have hopes that it does, since the first time it was pretty amazing so I would hope it does but you never know. I always like to look on the bright side of things. Im not sure if it would happen again ( I hope it does) and I don't know how to go about doing so. As i said and you say there still are feelings there.

    • he wouldn't keep any contact if he was completely over you

    • Exactly how I feel! I sort of want to see if maybe he would want to like watch a movie this weekend or something. Although it be inside it is a suggestion.

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