We broke up 6 times and got back together every time untill now. Will we get back together?

My girlfriend broke up with me for the 6th time a few months ago. We dated for almost 4 years. Every time she has broken up with me before, after a few months, we got back together. I know this sounds dysfunctional but we did love each other. In the past she broke up with and and got back with me whenever her friends put her down or she was sad. I was always there for her whenever she was hurt. We broke up this last time because we got in a huge fight over stupid things. I called her a liar for not locking her front door, she got mad at me and started hitting me. I pushed her away and left her house. That was when she broke up with me. She still goes to my gym although she said after the break up she would switch gyms. She said some hurtful things to me like she's having sex with other guys and they make her moan. I know she's lying. She's not the type of girl to hook up with people. I still love her very much and would do anything to get back with her. The worst part about it is I can't sleep or hang out with anyone. I sleep only 5 hours every night because I can't fall asleep because she's on my mind all the time. Then I dream about her and wake up and check my phone if she called me or texted me. This is really what hell must feel like.


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    LOL, you've knew what hell feels like 6 times over already. You and her are a toxic mess together and you need to lay off of each other because it's not working. She basically takes you back out of convenience for herself. Hopefully she doesn't take you back and you could move on to something that will be worth something than more than a few months.

    • You're right. But this time it's the most painful. I don't know why but it is.

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  • To me it seems you're both unsuitable for a long term relationship.

    • I never broke with her in the past. Only she has all those times. She always claimed to want a boyfriend or a serious relationship as did I. That's why she doesn't just hook up with guys.

  • No , everyone knows the seventh time costs you

    • Is this a joke?

    • Yeah it's a joke you two break up six times and you want to get together again.

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