Ex asks for a meet-up?

Hey guys,
So my ex broke up with me (LDR) right after I cut him off to heal. Not responded or had any contact with him for 16 months until yesterday. He always tried to make contact somehow even after I ignored. I got back home from abroad so he got wind of it and was trying to get in touch to wish me a happy BD but my phone was off last week.
We talked for the first time yesterday. Mostly basic talk and he says there's nothing much going on with him. Didn't tell him much about myself. We work together so he heard from 3rd parties I got back home.
He asked for my new number, so he sends me a whatsapp text. What's interesting before my contact got added, he changed his pp on whatsapp standing next to a girl LOL... my colleague says he had a different photo before he texted me. I am mostly perfectly fine and okay having him as just a friend though that's why I still went ahead to gladly accept the meet-up.
Any ideas why he could've asked to meet up? And the Profile Photo , to make me jealous or is he genuinely flaunting his "girl friend" and happiness?


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What Guys Said 1

  • It sounds to me like he wants to get back together with you. If he had a girlfriend, we wouldn't go through such lengths to get back in touch with his ex. If you're just trying to be friends, you should tell him that so he knows and so you don't lead him on. Unless you want to lead him on... it's not very nice, but I don't judge.

    • Thank you for your opinion. I will not lead him on. It would be very unfair just as you stated. I am thinking in case he brings up the talk then I will let him know exactly how I feel. But I genuinely don't mind seeing him. Before all this we were good friends and now that I am in a good place and forgiven him, I think I can deal with it.

What Girls Said 1

  • That is confusing, if he was perfectly happy, why would he even call you to meet up? Wouldn't he just move on... I would meet him just to ask him all of that in person... If you can maintain friends, that is a wonderful thing, it is usually too complicated for most people to go backwards... best of luck on the meet


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