What should I do? My ex boyfriend is still crazy over me a year later... and obsessive?

Like we went out for a little while (3 days lol) but were friends for a long time but I forgot he never had a girlfriend so when I broke up with him he became so emo and I don't know how to handle it... it has been like a year since we broke up and he is still crazy about me... he asks me about me and my current Boyfriend and then starts saying how my new Boyfriend is better than him and that he should just go kill himself because no one else is like me and that I have crushed him etc. (its insanely crazy) and I really like(d) him as a friend but now I have no clue what to do because it is way outta hand... I still care about him and don't want to ignore him yet I don't want to deal with his emo sh*t all of the time... what should I do?


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  • you went out for 3 days and he's this obsessive? damn...he needs to get some serious help! YOU shouldn't do anything really, since I don't think you could really change his mind! maybe tell him that you find this kinda disturbing and that he should move on!

    • Ive told him to move on and stuff like that but he wont... I really wish I could still be friends with him but I'm finding it hard to be so yah maybe your right... maybe its time to just cut it off... thanks for the reply! <3

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  • I would steer well clear of this guy , as michitas has said this guy needs professional help .See if you can perhaps have a private word with his parents and maybe they will able to help with the current situation, if you need any further advice then please message me and I will do my best to help.


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