What does my ex-boyfriend want from me?

Me and my ex-boyfriend John, were in a relationship for just about a month, and then I broke up with him because I wasn't happy. John still doesn't understand why we broke up. After we broke up we had an on-and-off relationship for 6 months, and then we sort of lost touch.

After a couple of weeks I found out he had a new girlfriend, and it was a painful time for me because I still loved him. I stopped texting and seeing him so I could get over him, and he didn't seem to care.

Now the two of them have been together for 7 months. I met him at a party recently where I was stupid enough to give him my new number. He now keeps texting me, and I keep answering because I STILL LOVE HIM! This tortures me, and my question is: What does he want? Is it possible he just misses me and wants us to be friends? I know that he was crazy about me when we were seeing each other, so he's either TOTALLY over me, or still interested...
What does my ex-boyfriend want from me?
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