What does my ex-boyfriend want from me?

Me and my ex-boyfriend John, were in a relationship for just about a month, and then I broke up with him because I wasn't happy. John still doesn't understand why we broke up. After we broke up we had an on-and-off relationship for 6 months, and then we sort of lost touch.

After a couple of weeks I found out he had a new girlfriend, and it was a painful time for me because I still loved him. I stopped texting and seeing him so I could get over him, and he didn't seem to care.

Now the two of them have been together for 7 months. I met him at a party recently where I was stupid enough to give him my new number. He now keeps texting me, and I keep answering because I STILL LOVE HIM! This tortures me, and my question is: What does he want? Is it possible he just misses me and wants us to be friends? I know that he was crazy about me when we were seeing each other, so he's either TOTALLY over me, or still interested...


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  • this is interesting...you started dating and ended up not being happy and then were on and off for 6 months or so...you need to ask yourself WHY you weren't happy. If you were so unhappy why did you go on and off the next 6 months...are you really so sure that you are in love with him? I'm only asking these questions for you to answer them yourself...you need to understand why the relationship didn't work and what the underlying cause was. It seems you were either scared to commit or you really didn't love him before and then became in love with him...try not to confuse love with loneliness...really think about your situation

    now to your question, he's probably contacting you because any relationship that doesn't really end badly, all ex's will still have some sort of attraction to the other, especially if you felt different aruond that person...maybe seeing you again reignited his emotions for you and he's trying to figure out if there's aniother chance between you two...i wouldn't jump to conclusions here, have ur guard up, you don't want to be hurt here...try and take it slow...it was the turtle who won the race not the rabbit...SLOW AND STEADY, do not over analyze things he says or does...just go with the flow and if things work out they'll work out - it looks like fate has brought you two back together (at least at this point in ur life) you're reconnecting and talking again...just be careful of your emotions, remember he has a girlfreind so don't get too attached...if you keep talking after a while and you feel avibe then you'll probably want to talk to him about where you guys are headed and what his goals are possibly? BUT NOT NOW, not anytime soon, you want to feel the situation out, take your time

    hope this helps, lemme know if I can do anything else or give you my opinion :)



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