Ex Girlfriend Help help help?

Hi, I would like to know why my ex grilfriend is so angry at me all the time? she broke up with me! I didn't want it, but we was arguing a lot! She calls me every name under the sun and i mean bad words? I have to see her a lot cos we have a four year child together and we was together six years lived with each other i still love her now!! Its only been three months. Is there anything i can do about it? Is it cos she is having a hard time aswell? I can't do anything right even tho I'm not doing anything wrong!! I have did all the wrong stuff to try win her back been needie begging loads of txts etc etc.
Am sure she is sleeping with a guy too! Any advice would be great thanks...


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  • Welcome to Gag Town, and as Master of my own Domain, @matbmathb86 ... We have a four year child together and we was together six years lived with each other...
    What I am saying Her, dear, All may Not be Lost. You both have His and Her History that you have Shared and a Little One she had Bear, so Take your Time, sort out your Mind Boggling thoughts, and when you Do Visit, Bear in Mind, Could be Family Time. This could be a Good time for some Bonding. No matter What she is Doing and well, you Know_ Just go Slow and No harping.
    I can't Promise you anything. It doesn't Always pan out. I have Seen couples Grow and Go back Together and others, Make a life Apart from One another, but Share the Child as Father and Mother.
    Good luck and Be cool. xx

  • I feel very sorry for you. I think maybe you should express to her, what you're telling us now. That you still love her. You have a child together, that should help. Go up to her one day, and tell her not only that you love her, but that you need her. Begging her in texts won't help. Tell her in person. The best way, would be with a surprise. One day, perhaps her birthday... Plan a surprise birthday party for her, or a surprise private birthday dinner with her and your child, maybe with your child's help. And even after six years of living together and having a child, breaking up would be very difficult. For you and her. Maybe she still loves you too. If you really love her that much, why don't you propose to her. I mean you have a child, that should convince her for sure. Plus if you love her that much and you were together for a whole six years, perhaps it's the best approach. I believe that maybe marriage would be a good idea for you. Especially if you want your kid to grow up happy. And listen, no more begging on text and such. No offense, but that's pathetic. If you beg, beg in person. Hell, barge in on her latest date, and say that you need her right then and there. Trust me. It will most probably work.

    Hope I helped.
    And just for a happy heart, remember:
    Love Life and Life Loves you back.

    • Also, be confidant in anything you do with her from now on. Trust me. Guys who show that they're weaker than the women often are, which is why the woman doesn't want them. Be a little tougher at the same time gentle with her.

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    • There's something completely wrong with @red_night.
      by the way @red_night, who's going to listen to a womanizer?

    • k. i guess @red_knight 's not really a womanizer.
      but honestly i think u should think about your wife and child as a combined package. not just your child first.

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  • Shell destroy you.. You're not good together... Tc of your child as much as possible and even more so... Get your ex to go for therapy n to quit double standards

    • sure take advice from someone who just got her period. lol

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    • Sorry bro.. I personally feel we ain't specialised enough.. All we can do is offer 2pennies worth of an opinion.. Please see a therapist.. If you wish to reconcile.. Or take custody of your child if you feel its wrong the child sees such behaviours from the mother..

    • Its cool mate the best thing I can is be there for my kid and make her happy!

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