How long is too long to be heartbroken?

It's been three months her and I stopped talking and she went silent. 6 since she left me for another guy. Should I still be feeling this way after 3 1/2 months without hearing a word from her?


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  • Honestly, I don't think there's a set time where it's considered too long (or short) to be heartbroken. Each person handles breakups and heartbreaks differently. It depends on many different factors, such as how emotionally invested you were in the relationship, how long you two were together prior, the circumstance of the breakup/what led to it and how, etc.

    • It was just a confusing situation. We talked here and there. I knew she was confused about making a choice between me and this guy. I also know it wasn't easy for her to give me up. At least emotionally. She went silent out of nowhere. Left me with no closure or anything. So it's hard to forget about.

    • Yup. Having no closure hurts like hell. It makes it really hard to move on... Well, for me, at least.

    • Me too! I'm dying over here. I know nothing. Literally.

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  • Bro, i have been there before..
    you have to accept that its over
    try to focus on yourself be a better version of yourself rather than grieving all the times..
    go and build some muscle to look nice
    invest some money on yourself (cloth, watch)
    go and take some new hobby
    make yourself as busy as you can.
    after all that you will feel better and brand new


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  • You need to grieve it out, you will never get into another relationship until you've dealt with the loss

  • It can be different for everyone, but I'd be trying to focus on happier things and keeping busy so there isn't time to ponder


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