Getting back together after cheating?

I cheated on my boyfriend by kissing another guy. I regret it and have honestly decided to never do anything like that again in a relationship especially after seeing how it hurt my boyfriend. We are broken up now but my ex said that there is chance we could get back together in the future. i want to do bad the trouble is waiting and he said not to get my hopes up. I am really trying not to do so but I get depressed when he doesn't text me one day. I just need some advice please


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  • Don't be depressed, it's not worth that.
    Your ex is right. You shouldn't get your hopes up. Don't press the matter either. Talk to him as often as you can, and spend time with him whenever you can. Use that time to show him, not tell him, show him that you want to be with him, not the guy you kissed, no one. But don't expect anything. Just take it one day at a time.

  • You need a hobby


What Girls Said 1

  • I beg to differ. You made a mistake. Consequences followed. You aren't together anymore. By this time, I am assuming you have apologized for what you did. Now it's time to let go. Especially if he told you not to get your hopes up. Do you really want to be that girl who falls on the ground and picks up any crumb of attention he drops when he feels like it? You hurt him in the most disrespectful way, and he's going to make you feel it whether he does it on purpose or he lets his resentment towards you get the best of him, he will make you feel bad. You already feel bad as it is. Do him and yourself a favor and walk away from this. Give him time and space to heal. Give yourself time to learn.

    Good luck


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