Guys- If YOU broke up with your girlfriend for reasons other than another woman, how much time would you need?

If you broke up with her because you needed to sort things out in your head and it wasn't because of another woman, how much time would you need , before a call from you girlfriend would be welcome? a week, month? How long is TOO long?


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  • Well this is a difficult question to answer, it depends on the reason why he wanted to sort things out in his head, what kind of person he is (some guys can get back in a week, others maybe a whole year), and lots and lots of other things. Everyone is different. Give him time, if he said he will get back to you let him get back to you, but it may be nice for you to call him that way he knows you are waiting for him. Its hard though to tell you though considering not knowing what he is sorting out in his head


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