How to get an ex with a girlfriend back?

My ex and I were together for 3 years. I broke up with him 9 months ago. He has a new girlfriend now. They have been together for a week. How do I get him back?


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  • So you want him to leave his girlfriend for you? Because you want to be with him? Or because he wants to be with you?

    • I want to be with him

    • That's extremely selfish of you, and you would want to be with a guy that leaves his girlfriend for someone else simply because the other girl wants him to.

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  • You're panicking. Here you have a guy you've known your entire life and you loved each other and then things ended because life got in the way. Think back to when it happened and what exactly made you say "This isn't something I can handle". There had to be things going on that led to breaking up being the only solution.

    Now he is with someone else. Understand that.

    You cannot make him leave her so he can be with you.

    You really love him? Because I know that with love comes selflessness and you should consider him in this and be a little more selfless by letting him go.

    Focus on you. Do your own thing. Move on. Take a deep breath. Don't panic.

    Good luck


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  • It's better to not even try. Trust me, I've wanted an ex back and I got him back but I was even more unhappy. Find friends and have them help you get through it and when you feel like your over him find someone else that you've created a special bond with and hopefully that relationship will be better than the one you formerly had.

  • Why bother? You just want him back because he has a new girlfriend now. You want nothing more than to toy with his emotions and then toss him away.
    Find something else more productive to do with your time and leave the poor lad alone.

  • Why would you want him back?

    • Because I love him. I've known him my whole life. We were meant to be, we only broke up because life got in the way. I was having problems and needed space to handle them

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    • That's why I am asking

    • Girl you need to move on, if he's happy with this girl why ruin that? do you really wanna be some kind of home wrecker?

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