After 6 years, him and I reconnected?

We dated in high school for almost 3 years. We were each other's first love. We ended up breaking up because we were super immature and hurtful to each other.

6 years later...

We reconnected, he's my personal trainer now. This has given us the time to talk and squash things between one another. We both broke up with our significant others over the summer as well.

It's crazy how life can be sometimes. The last person I expected to ever come around to, has now become a friend. We will train and then afterwards hang out.

There are moments though when I feel like I feel something more for him. I don't know if he feels the same, but he has expressed to me how I motivate him and how I'm not as meaningless to him as he's led on. He's always been a guarded person, and it has always been hard to get him to open up. But it's nice to be able to laugh with him one moment and then the next, have deep conversations about our lives.

I don't know where this is going. A part of me wants it to go somewhere. I don't want to lose his friendship though.

Should I be honest with him? Or should I let our friendship stay a friendship and not bother?
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  • You don't know where it's going so why not just stay friends and see if he feels the same about it.

  • I'll say get back to get together, first love. Yes you guys need to understand each other till this day too


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