Is it normal for a man to still stick up for his wife, even though she is about to take him for everything he is worth in the divorce?

The wife in question cheated on him
lied to him
carried on the affair
came clean because she was about to get found out.

She is now divorcing the said man and he slags her off regularly, but he still sticks up for her is he deluded that she won't go through with it because this happened ten years ago and she still part time sleeps in the same bed as him?

Yes you read right, this women had an affair and is still having an affair which has been going on for ten years, and she still sleeps in her husbands bed 3 nights a week.


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What Guys Said 2

  • No it is natural for a guy to stick up for a woman. It's instinctual, and even if he doesn't particularly like an individual woman, he may still come to her aid.

  • its not normal, that husband has a lot of tolerance and patience, maybe he loves her a lot


What Girls Said 1

  • Guys have no standards for female behavior. Like, he needs to get a backbone and end things with her. He's probably afraid to change the situation.

    And she sounds miserable. I don't know why, but some women just want to run a man into the ground and humiliate him if he doesn't please her. She knows how much she must be hurting him, but she wants him to break so she can feel justified in leaving. She hasn't been given a good excuse to leave yet... She can't claim to be a victim.

    Just toxic all around.

    • Women have the right and deserve freedom from men, I learned that in college, women can do what they want, I understand my place as a man.

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