Im breaking and I need help... please?

so I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday and it hurts so bad. Basically this girl made up a rumor that he sent her nudes and he told me it wasn't true. I asked her if it was and she said yes but she didn't have proof so I didn't know what to believe. She did have messages between them though. Messages from him saying "snap me" " I miss you" and "I wanna see you". See these messages broke me into pieces because I had to believe they were true... they were right in front of my face. I broke up with him and he still is trying to get my trust back. He is saying he never meant to truly hurt me and he was acting so stupid, he doesn't know why he would ever do that to me and that I'm all he wants and he can't believe he just lost me over this. One of his best friends texted me and told me he is balling his eyes out saying how dumb he is for letting me go and he doesn't even know what to do with himself anymore. Today, I woke up with a snap from him- he is still keeping our streak. When we were dating, we would meet eachother in the morning and walk around and go to class. At the end of the day, we would meet at my locker and then we would walk to our sports locker rooms together. I need help. Should I believe him and give him another chance? Please help. Update: I got through my first day of school without him and it was hard. I almost started crying but stopped myself by changing the subject. His friends are telling me how much he'd talk about me and they know he truly likes me which hurts me even more because I wanna be with him but my mom keeps telling me he's a fboy and it's not good for me and I deserve better. I don't know what to do. Do I text him today or let him reach out to me or anything? I feel like if I don't text him, he won't text me, and we will never make up and never have a chance of getting back together. This is really truly slowly breaking me and I don't know where and when my breaking point is.
Im breaking and I need help... please?
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