Guys, Dating and the divorced man?

For those of you who've been divorced and entered back into the dating scene. I'd just like to know how your brain works in a new relashionship.
Any pointers, tips, advice, or general info is wanted.


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  • For me I take the lessons learned from past relationships and start fresh with the new one

  • I was married for 20 years and have been single now for about 3 years. Married very young. Dating was an absolute nightmare for the first year. Completely different mindset. I truly only related to other recently divorced people. It really took a while to free myself from 20 years of one way of being... my best advice would be to just live for yourself for a while. Find out what you really want the next phase of your life to be. It's really like hitting a rest button on everything you've ever know. Total do over. It can truly be whatever you want


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