What did my ex do to me?

So when I was 15 I started dating this guy and he was really cool and whatever-- we dated for about a year, he was 16-17 during that time,-- but it just wasn't working out and I was planning on breaking up with him. He broke up with me first stating all these reasons like I'm childish and my family didn't act the way he thought a family should act. He was brutal.
It's been a year and a half, I'm 17 now and it should all be behind me. I don't think about him or anything anymore. I haven't had a crush or anything since. I haven't been motivated to touch myself in almost a year either. I just don't need that kind of stuff anymore I never think about it. Before him I was cuddling pillows to find emotional satisfaction but now I don't think about it.
That's something I really want, date people find love get married one day. I'm in high school I should be randomly hooking up if I'm going by the movies but that just repulses me. The idea of being into anyone makes me slightly uneasy. (Just so you don't think I'm being stupid that was highly exaggerated, the hooking up part)
I just don't know what I need to do to feel normal again. What did he do to me?


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  • "I'm in high school I should be randomly hooking up if I'm going by the movies but that just repulses me." Uh, what the fuck? That's your idea of what a high schooler is supposed to do?

    Ugh. Anyhow, just give it time. When you're ready you will be.

    • Did you... Read farther than that? I addressed it was a poorly made joke

    • I did... I guess it wasn't obvious enough for me to get the joke... sorry. If it was a joke then I retract my aggravated statement.

      The remaining is true though. Give it time. Your mind and emotional ease will let you know when you're ready. It's not what he did to you, it's your natural reaction to being hurt.

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  • I guess it's normal. I'm currently in a relationship but I don't have strong sexual desires. Only a little bit. Take this as your advantage, because I don't recommend hooking ups. You can mingle around and make friends, but hooking up, nah. Back then when he said you are childish, I think it's true. You're only 15, still young, curious and exploring, and of course not much experience in love life. But he's also immature. Your post explains it all. Don't worry so much. As you grow older, you will get to know yourself better, know what you want, and achieve it. Meanwhile, just focus on your studies, have a good future, I'm sure, guys will make a beeline in front of you for you to choose xD Have a good day ahead everyday! :)


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  • That's sort of normal. I didn't stop thinking about one ex for 3 years after the breakup. Just recognize it, try to push him out of your mind, and look forward to the next opportunity.


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  • I have the exact opposite problem. My long term boyfriend dumped me two months ago and I turned into a stage 5 clinger even to my friends.


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