Why would a girl hold on after cheating on me so many times?

I had a 6 and half year realtionship with this girl. I had suspension she was unfathfull but I chalked it off as me being paranoid. she told me she kissed someone 3 months into our realtionship on my birthday 3 years later. She also stayed at her exes a couple of times and even called me to say that she was. (i got mad she told me that i needed to trust her ) When we broke up she told me she was emotional involved with someone else. but still wanted to be friends. Her best friend boyfriend room mate. I called her after the break up talk about two days and she said " this what she really wanted" she was on facebook 3 am which was odd cause she worked at 9 in the morning. She started getting angry and crying. I told her to call me on Saturday for a week of no contact to see if we can maybe work things out. She never called me back... she was also very moody the last 6 months of the realtionship. I blocked and deleted her for a while. then unblocked 3 month later within a day she sends me a 2000 word essay wishing me happy early birthday and hoping we can talk one day and she is sorry for not returning my call on Saturday. Turns out she had a said guy over. I asked her if the grass was greener and she told me that she didn't want to hurt my feelings and that he is still in the picture. I also told her I will not emotional bennift being friends with her. Then she blocked me. so a year later she runs into my beat friend and tell him she is dating someone now and she got promoted at work don't know who don't really care now) what was her game and what was she trying to do. I am not jelious cause I know it not real she is not capable of love. the way she treated her pets told me so. like why waste 4 to 5 years of my life?
Why would a girl hold on after cheating on me so many times?
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