How to get over loving a girl who doesn't like you back?

so i have a crush on this girl but she likes someone else. And im sad. How do i get over this?


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  • I'm literally going to through the same thing now. I know you're sad. I feel horrible too. But the best way to overcome it, is just try to move on with life. Do things that will make you completely forget about her. Movies, hobbies, etc... Anything. Just remember that she;s not worth it, if she doesn't love you back. I've heard a lot of times that it's better to love someone who loves you, rather then wait for someone to love you. I wasted a lot of time on the guy I love and in the end... I'm a hopeless case. Don't mess up your life like me.

  • Time heals the wounds. Let time pass and you will get over it, because it's a CRUSH <-- if you get the definition. :)

  • I wish I knew how to help you.


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