Playing games?

So I've recently broken up with my ex of 4yrs for about a month 1/2 now. It was a pretty messy break up. We both have Facebook but I deleted her from my friends list. She use to have it on private but she switched it to public? Does she just want me to see what she doing? Plus about a week ago she turned off all her pics..which I though was weird...I don't know if she's playing games or not but I don't now if sh wants to get a rise out of me?

The other day my friends came in contact with her at a restaurant. She told them that Her and I broke up under some "circumstances" and that my friends and her should all go hang out and that she has a find a new boyfriend now..I don't know if she wanted to relay the msg back to me but I have no idea if I'm thinking right. Any ideas?


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  • yea it sounds like she is playing games like she wants you to gravel for her so she can turn you down and make herself feel me I'm in the same situation with my ex but we have a son together so I have to talk to him and he makes sure to let me know that there is another girl...shes just playin with you or trying to get you to crack 1st but don't and eventually she'll make up an excuse to call you but by then ull be over her and her bullsh*t games

    • Why does she make it a point to do this? I emailed her numerous times the first couple weeks but no response. I mean after 4 years its BS. So my last email was I'm sorry about all the emails and I apologize for them and I hope we can be friends someday. and that's been about 2-3 wks ago.

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  • Yeah she's playing games with you. Obviously she knows if she tells your friends something (new bf) that it will get back to you. She's hurt and lashing out. Just ignore it and it will drive her crazy.

    • Well it seems to me that she looks content on her fb...when you say drive her crazy, what do you mean? She's just waiting on a response?

    • Of course she looks content, that is part of the game she is playing. She made her FB public hoping you would be looking at it. She wants you to think that she is happy and leading a wonderful life without you, hoping it will make you feel miserable. She's trying to hurt you and wants a reaction from you. However, if you don't react at all it will p*ss her off more than any sort of reply/message will.

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