Walking Away from My Crush?

Hey everyone. I think a lot of people think that once you get married, the attraction button gets turned off and you never look at another human being with desire. I wish that were the case.

There's a woman at my gym who I'd noticed long before we even started talking. She actually initiated our first interaction and introduced herself. She, like me, is married. We have a lot in common and would make small talk when we saw each other at the gym. I would say 50 % of our conversations were initiated by her. I think she was possibly attracted to me in the same way I was with her.
Walking Away from My Crush?
I try to tell myself that I can get past the attraction phase and we can be friends and it's no big deal. Problem is, I can't get past it for some reason, probably because I don't see her enough to get bored. And there also seems to be this cat and mouse "who's gonna talk first" game going on. It's exhausting.

So I've decided to walk away.

I can easily go to the gym earlier, which for me, actually results in a better workout. And this way, I can put an end to this dead end thing that's going on with this woman.

While I know it;s for the best, and the right decision, the idea of walking away has me feeling bad. I just think it's better to end this on my terms.

If you've ever walked away from a crush or dead end relationship, I'd like to hear your thoughts. Even if you haven't, I'd like to hear you thoughts. Please keep in mind, I never have had any intentions to cheat on my wife. That's why this whole thing is just a big, exhausting, dead end.
Walking Away from My Crush?
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