Why doesn't my ex understand I can't see him?

He wants to be with me, but he doesn't want a relationship. He s 33 next month, and he s the kind of person who wants to love someone and wants to be loved, but doesn't want to have all the responsibilities of a relationship like making plans together, moving in etc. He likes his own space and a relaxed life - not to see multiple girls, but just one girl that can be his companion - but on his terms.

A relationship doesn t work like that. It takes a bit of compromising and planning, but he wants a relaxed easy life, plus someone to share his bed. I told him I want more than that. We are close, but he s not a planning the future type of guy.

He got upset that after we broke up, he found out I d slept with someone else. Why does he want to see me if he doesn't want what I want? He says he thinks I think he just want sex, but we got along well and he misses that.

Should I see him and keep in touch or let go? We've seen each other twice since splitting.
He hates to be alone, but seems to not want responsibilities


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  • Huhh you are 33 year old hoe


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  • Talk to him, tell him you guys just don't want the same thing. You want an actual boyfriend he would be there for you and he wants you whenever it's convenient for him. He's. It getting any younger and , if he keeps it up, he's gonna be alone. While you're still young, go out there and meet a guy whose gonna give you what you want and need.


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