Why do I constantly worry about my ex?

It's not like he was good to me. He in fact made me feel replaceable and disposable but at the same time could make me feel so high.

Whenever he disappears or drops off the map I instantly worry about him and wanna make sure that he's okay and I know he doesn't deserve the love I still have for him or how much I care (btw it was a 4 year relationship and we've been over for a year)


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What Guys Said 2

  • I would say you are still not over him and it's a more than a little unhealthy. Time to get over him and move on with your life

    • I try and the moment I do it's like he has radar and he comes back confessing all types of stuff and it's always different

    • You control your feelings not him

    • Okay

  • I dunno... seems silly though.


What Girls Said 1

  • hi, could i ask your age when it started and how did it end eventually? xx

    • When it started I was 20 and it ended a little after my 24th birthday...
      When it did end it was because I found about his cheating at a doctor visit for lower back pain and female issues.. I never told him why I just left and we didn't speak for months when he did finally try I said I had a boyfriend and he lost it.
      He reaches out occasionally but I'm sure it's just for sex because he has a girlfriend so I always decline and I haven't seen him in a year

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    • Thank you!!

    • Yeah, sure

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