Ex broke up with me, acts like we're dating on and off, now took me out on a very date-like surprise lunch?

Okay, so I'm going to try and provide some quick backstory. We met through work and had similar interests and outlooks. Spoke but not close at work. He switched colleges and moved a bit further away, which resulted in us talking/texting 24/7 for about a year. He got a little distant shortly before asking me to date him. Dated for close to a year, never fought, never even argued, sex was great, his friends all loved me... he broke up with me out of the blue. Later claimed he had been scared, had our first ever argument about a month later and he pushed me away, and didn't talk at all for about 4 months. Started talking again, much less frequently than ever, but at weird intervals. Like 3 days or a week or so 24/7 talking, then a few days with very scarce or no contact, some increased contact, none, 24/7 again... very sporadic but no common threads, not like other people I've met who sneak texting people under their bf/gf nose, and I know he works random hours per week but it seems like some weeks he's more willing to sneak texts at work than others. He gets very present if I mention a guy, if I'm going somewhere he considers might be "dangerous" or full of guys, if I'm driving long distances he checks in over and over and gets upset if I don't answer. I've told him that he broke up with me and shouldn't be upset and he'll go quiet for a few days. Recently I had to sleep on his couch after a late night and he said he was tired too so we could catch up the next day. So the next day we go get lunch and he picks a place that he knows I like, asks if I want appetizers, insists I order whatever I want, seemed like he wants to talk about a bunch of things but never did so never did "catch up", was very careful making sure the waitress didn't bring anything I was allergic to, insisted on paying, but then was very distant as I left, quiet until I was backing my car out and then made me roll my window down but then just asked if I knew how to get home. What is going on?
Ex broke up with me, acts like we're dating on and off, now took me out on a very date-like surprise lunch?
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