He ended things with me to try and work it out with his ex gf?

Alright guys and gals here's what's happening! So I met a guy and he and I became really close really quickly. Originally we were friends but he started developing feelings for me. At the time he was in a relationship that he wasn't fully happy in. He told me it felt like work whenever he was with her and he felt like he always had to be perfect or else she will complain. He ended up ending their 4 year relationship with her because he felt like it needed to happen. We end up seeing each other for three weeks and things moved really fast. Apparently he was falling for me. One day he held a party and I acted jealous (it's not in my character) which turned him off. Apparently that night made him lose feelings for me. Now he's ended it with me and wants to work things out with his old girl. I feel played by whatever I can't do much about it. I'm just really upset because I didn't really like him at first but now I do. And it's not going even that, before I liked him, we were close friends and now it sucks because he can't be friends with me anymore. He just called me to apologize and said that hopefully we can be friends again and just start off from there. He also kept saying that he's not the right guy for me right now. What does that even mean?

I don't know if I just wanted to rant or wanted advice from you guys, but a part of me feels like he's going to come back in my life one day as a friend if anything--and that's silly to hold on to someone who didn't know what he want and ended up hurting my feelings. I wish I didn't catch feelings for him because I really did care about our friendship.
He ended things with me to try and work it out with his ex gf?
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