Feelings of regret after a break up I felt I had to do?

I was with my boyfriend for over a year and a half. After a while I noticed he had paranoia issues, trust issues, and anger issues. I had to deal with it first hand... the fightings, the cussing, the abnormal questions. Still I loved him at his best and believed he would fix his issues...

Well.. after several months of uncertainty, I decided to end our relationship. I felt that his issues were causing me a lot of pain and anxiety. And although towards the end he decided to see a therapist to help himself, I felt I fell out of love in a sense. That I had lost a lot of hope and drive because I was fighting for us alone for quite a long time.

Now here I am, single. & I can't help but feel regretful even though I tried everything I felt I could. I know this is good for both of us because I truly think we both need to help get back up after an emotional rollercoaster. But I'm not sure how to cope with missing his presence in my life.. missing his family and all that I had built. Did i make a mistake?
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( I don't think he realized how wrong some of these things were. & he was so sure that we were going to end up together. Im not sure why he never understood that these were red flags.. but the fact that he didn't understand made me even more terrified. )
Feelings of regret after a break up I felt I had to do?
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