I was the dumper.. my POV. Did I do the right thing?

I feel guilty for hurting him, I feel a tad regretful, I miss him and his family, I feel lonely..
Are these reasons to get back into a relationship? Probably not. Truth is I tried a long time to fix the problems we had.
I am a free spirit and he was a bit of a angry/paranoid guy... I grew up knowing to love and trust your partner. He had fears and trust issues.
I did not want it to end. In fact I saw myself marrying him at one point. But the cursing, short temper etc. got too much for me to handle. Truth is I tried so hard. But I was not meant to be his therapist. I began to develop issues of my own from taking all of this on.
I don't think he really understood the depth of the issues even though he would say otherwise. Because for a long time he refused to go to therapy until I reached the point of just not feeling in love & losing respect for him.
I guess I just stood up for how I knew I had to be treated even though I cared deeply for him too..
So did I do the right thing? Because it feels hard to cope already.
I was the dumper.. my POV. Did I do the right thing?
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