Bad idea to ask ex boyfriend to watch a movie? We still are intimate and it seems like something is still there?

We broke up months ago but through the summer had sex multiple times until he told me we should stop as it was unfair to both of us. We went back and forth with this a few times and each time falling back into it and him saying for us to stop and just be friends. We seem to be falling into the same thing each time. This last time he has not texted me saying we shouldn't have done this and it seemed different this time. I believe we still have something between us and its worth exploring. Tonight I suggested a movie night this weekend. He responded with a why and why I would suggest that, I am going to just say its an idea for somethin to do and it something different from what we normally watch. Is this a bad idea?


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  • You're fucking up on all levels


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  • Ask him have sex whatever

    • What? I Just want to hang out with him, although the sex might happen i want to hang out and see where it goes

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    • No, you weren't right. He did text back and always does

    • I'm sure

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