What do you think of my letter to a flaky ex-boyfriend? HELP

This is an unsent letter

Dear John,

Hoping your week is going well. I see you decided to reach out to me after seven months. I am glad we meet for dessert the other night. I do confess it was a bit awkward, but it was to be expected, after all it has been quite a while. I am glad I spoke up briefly about what I thought of the situation and I do consider your reasons to be valid. I kind of regret not communicating sooner but like the saying goes "speak now or forever hold your peace" proves very true.

The reason for this letter is that I am a bit confused and hope you could shed some clarity. If I remember correctly you are reaching out to me, want to continue where we left off and you missed me too. I am flattered but still confused. See, the truth is actions speak louder than words. Therefore, if you are going to say such things then I much rather you act upon them; instead of saying you will call or text and not doing so or making plans with me but canceling or changing them at the last minute, all while keeping me at arms length. This behavior is inconsiderate and cruel. I believe we both have a lot in common and could learn from each other too. I am also willing to give it a another fair chance. However, this ambiguity, alienation and lack of communication has to be put to an end because it is getting in the way of greatness.


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  • Meet him and say this to him instead. If you send this as a letter, he's probably just be too guilty to meet you. face to face you can make the point that you really like him and wantb him to see that and be seriously about giving the realtionship some serious effort.


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