I'm having a relationship with my ex boyfriend in my brain, how can I move on? is this normal?

my boyfriend broke up with me more than 2 months ago, but yet I haven't moved on, I am still having fantasies about our wedding and kids (we used to do it together) and I've tried being with other guys it just didn't work at all, I try putting other guys in the fantasies but it never works, he was very horrible to me in the end but every time I think of him, I think of the good time and forgive him for cheating and treating me like shit, it's like it never happened and the best part is he is in a relationship with someone else now and I'm sure we will never get back together so I blocked him everywhere and stuck to my dreams and fantasies, it's like the same as when I was a teenager and fantasied about pop stars basically. How can I move on and stop this? Is this Normal?


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  • A lot of this and what you say is how I feel after being divorced after a few months now, it's very depressing and obviously it's over since she with someone else but I still think like you at times too. We need to just move on and know it wasn't meant to last that's all

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    • Thanks for the useful advice, I don't know who I should thank firstly the God for creating you or this website for allowing you to share your thoughts.

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    • You diss me with your first message, which was very rude of you

    • Why? What do you meaaaaaan?

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  • It's normal, but you still need to resist the temptation to go back to him. It's also normal to romanticize the past and forget about the horrible things, so you really need to not go back to him. Those thoughts will lessen with time and more dating. As soon as you feel that you are ready, try to start dating again.

    • Even if I wanted to he doesn't, he made it very clear he only wants sex and obviously I won't do that

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